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DJI - M30T Combo (1 of 6)

We currently have 6 very slightly used DJI M30T kits that were purchased from a police force in Florida that was banned from flying DJI product just after they pruchased them.


Each comes with a full combo including x2 batteries, battery charging station and all cables.




The DJI M30T is the best enterprise drone with thermal capabilities on the market. Its powerful battery and robust design make it the perfect choice for a variety of applications, from search and rescue to disaster relief. Its advanced thermal sensors provide excellent image and video quality, even in challenging environments. With its intuitive controls and ability to fly in all weather conditions, the DJI M30T is the ideal choice for professionals who need reliable, high-quality aerial imaging solutions.

DJI - M30T Combo (1 of 6)

SKU: 364215375135191
  • The Matrice 30 is a powerful yet portable drone made for public safety, inspection, and more. Featuring over 41 minutes of flight-time with an integrated camera, the M30 is small and mobile while still providing the image resolution needed for enterprise tasks.

    The Matrice 30 features an multi-sensor camera with high-resolution wide angle and zoom cameras, laser rangefinder, and advanced thermal camera (Matrice 30T only).

  • Shipping for this product is available upon purchase.  Please contact us for pricing and more information.

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