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The Chasing M2 Pro Max is an industrial-grade remote operated vehicle (ROV) equipped with eight vectored thrusters, allowing 360-degree omnidirectional movements. The ROV can move at a maximum speed of 3 knots, dive to 200 meters, and move around a maximum horizontal radius of 400 meters.


Docking Station 

The docking station is Integrated into the ROV, simplifying the installation of multiple accessories. The new layout of the five reserved ports supports up to five accessories at a time.


Shore Based Power

CHASING Shore-based Power Supply System (C-SPSS) Enable 24/7 Missions

The output power is increased to 1500W, ensuring that ROV can work 24/7 at full power without outage.


Easy and Convenient Assembly and Disassembly 

The Quick Accessory and Disassembly Technology allows you to install accessories to the ROV by combining the slide-in mounting platform and the ROV support rod. The process is convenient and reduces assembly and disassembly time and effort.


External Floodlights illuminate Every Detail

Two external floodlights can provide a sum of 8000 lumens' illumination and achieve the best beam angle at 150 degree, which can resolve the visual interference caused by the reflection of floating debris, the feature allows stepless adjustment of brightness in the range of 0-100%, allowing the ROV to illuminate each detail in the underwater environment as needed.


200m Depth Rating for a Broader Operating Range

M2 PRO MAX can dive up to 200m (656ft) with a maximum horizontal radius of 400 meters (1312ft). Combining with different lengths of tether cables, it can work in broader range and meet more needs of underwater applications.


SKU: 4513265948
  • CHASING M2 PRO Max ROV | Industrial-Grade Underwater ROV

    Chasing M2 PRO MAX is an Industrial -grade underwater remote operated vehicle (ROV) designed for government and enterprise users.  It adopts new generation of accessories mounting method, quick assembly and disassembly technology, shore-based power supply system and external flood lights to provide easier-to-use, more professional, and more reliable underwater solutions for various industrial applications

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