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Industrial & Enterprise UAV Services

Tailored UAV services to our clients’ needs through integration with our land survey, engineering, environmental, GIS, and inspection experience to provide an efficient turnkey solution


UAV & ROV Training & Flight Reviews

Hands on training on some of the most advanced enterprise and FPV drones available.  From Transport Canada's Basic requirements up to the Advanced rPAS certification, we have you covered.


Commercial ROV Services

Our advanced commercial grade ROV systems has you covered.  From subsurface inspections of pilings, pipelines and base infrastructure all the way to effluent release points and water sampling, we do it all.



We originally started as a specialized oil and gas ESG and compliance consulting company. We very quickly learned that when we combine thermal and optical gas sensors with drones, we could do things that could never be done before as safely and more cost-effective than traditional methods.


We decided to change directions in 2021 to combine these two amazing technologies and deliver them as a service to our customers.

Today, Industrial Recon is an innovative UAV and ROV Inspection service provider, partnering with market leaders DJI, Elistair, CHASING, FLyAbility and TPI to deliver industry leading and world-class solutions to our clients.


UAV/DRONE Insights

Drones are commonly referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), or Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS). Underwater drones (like the one that discovered and recorded the Titanic!) are know as Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROUV or just ROV).

The drone industry emerged from entrepreneurs using off-the-shelf drones to enter the drone services market.  Off-the-shelf drone technology was easily accessible but came with a proprietary operating system, pre-selected hardware choices, limited built-in flight control, payloads, sensors, and rudimentary information systems.  Their advantage was availability and relative affordability, plus a large number of amateur drone pilots who were familiar with their operation.

While these “amateur” drones performed beautifully for photography enthusiasts collecting aerial photos, drone video, or those operations that fit within their design limits, they were inherently limiting, inflexible, and difficult to integrate. They did not work well for industrial inspection in hazardous locations, for surveyors looking to build detailed orthomosaic maps, or the more sophisticated project needs of drone companies.

Whether you are in the oil and gas, utility, mining or construction industries requiring aerial photography, orthomosaic maps, aerial inspections, collecting drone data, or a variety of other solutions, you know that you can’t do this alone.  We treat your projects as a collaborative activity. It requires many pieces to come together for an excellent project deliverable.

That is where Industrial Recon has been focused. We want to help our industry clients complete their projects quickly, affordably and most importantly... safely!

Whats a Professional UAV Pilot?

All our UAV/ROV pilots and ground crews are trained to the highest standards.  In most cases, many of our pilots are former Canadian Armed Forces pilots with decades of experience. On top of their extensive Air Force training, we still require them to complete all drone piloting certifications outline by Transport Canada.

  • First, in Canada you will need Transport Canada Advanced licensed drone pilots, drone operators, service providers, and other related professionals with relevant domain expertise. For US operations, an FAA Advanced 107 UAV operators license is required for any commercial work.

  • Second, you will need a Transport Canada certified and registered enterprise drone for any commercial work in Canada.  FAA drone registration is required in the US.

  • Third, you will need to integrate a sensor payload tailored for the project/mission onto your aerial vehicle.   This would included, LiDAR, Thermal, High Res Imaging, Gas Detection etc.  Many of these sensors are in the 10's of thousands with some near $100,000 per device.

  • Finally, you will need the appropriate technology to manage the entire process.  This includes data processing software and the high computer horsepower required to process the vast amounts of data that drones can collect.  Luckily, we do all of this for you so you have no need to spend money on equipment and processing software.

The RECON Advantage

We've partner with multiple drone service providers and companies working to develop their aerial system capabilities. Our goal is to accelerate industrial drone adoption and transformation.  Because of this, we are at the forefront of UAV and ROV technology being rolled out to the industry.

We also provide advisory services to help our clients navigate the Transport Canada and FAA regulations when it comes to commercial operations. If you need a waiver for your specialized drone missions, we help you get both a Transport Canada or FAA waiver.

Safety Comes First

We take safety seriously.  Our leadership team has spent nearly 30 years in the Canadian Oil & Gas industry so we know how important worker safety is.  We take great pride in knowing that our safety requirements and policies exceed even the most stringent industrial requirements.  All our UAV and ROV's are the best and safest commercial drones available.   The drones come with built in sensors that detect hazards and strike points that may normally cause issues.   With our "Walk It First" policy, our highly trained pilots and support crews identify ANY hazards and issues on the job site.  This, combined with the safety sensors on the drones eliminates a majority of any possible issues with the mission.

We know our clients demand the highest standards of incident avoidance.  We agree!




Sniffer4D Gas Detection

CHASING M2 Pro Max Underwater Drone

Tank and Vessel Internal Drone Inspection

Using Drones in the Oil and Gas Industry




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We're always looking for UAV & ROV technicians and pilots! To apply for a job with us, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Current Openings!

Contract M300 & M30T Inspection Pilots

We are currently taking resumes for 4 upcoming pipeline inspections positions near Rocky Mountain House. Contracts are estimated at 2 months each with opportunity to do more while on site.  Please contact us for more details or submit your C.V.

Advanced Flight Examiner

We are currently hiring x2 Advanced UAV flight examiners for the Calgary and Cochrane areas.

ROV Operator & Crew (Underwater Drone Inspections)

We are currently looking to hire 1 FT and 2 PT ROV operators for the 2024 summer season.  Based out of Calgary, crews will be working on multiple locations across Western Canada.  Previous ROV and boating experience experience is required.

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